“It takes deployment to a whole new level.”

Minhaz Mohammad, Founder at MRKIT
beplus Bootstrap Mobile All-AccessNow Available

beplus Bootstrap Mobile: The Training

A playbook and video course that teaches you to build and deploy mobile apps.

beplus Bootstrap Mobile
Opinionated React Native finisher kit that will allow you to start, build features, automate testing, deploy to AppStores, and more.

beplus Bootstrap Mobile: The Training
A playbook and video course that teaches you the easiest and fastest way of building and deploying React Native mobile apps – with all the details in between, if you want.

In “beplus Bootstrap Mobile: The Training”, you’ll learn:

  • How beplus Bootstrap Mobile was created so you can understand the concepts,
  • How to use beplus Bootstrap Mobile to build & deploy React Native mobile apps,
  • How to easily automate code signing, testing and releases,
  • How to create Mobile CI/CD pipelines,
  • How to automate React Native app testing with Jest and Appium,
  • How to build common features like Auth, Geolocation, Push, and more,
  • How to use beplus Tools to make all of it much easier than ever before.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to do all of it by yourself. But you won't want – because seeing how easy it can be with beplus Bootstrap Mobile will make you want to use it every time.

Table of contents

Everything you need to know is inside.

“beplus Bootstrap Mobile: The Training” is comprised of dozens of tightly edited tutorials with screencasts designed to teach you everything you need to know about React Native mobile app building, deployment and automation – with no unnecessary filler.

  1. Getting Started

    1. What is beplus Bootstrap (Mobile) and this Training?
    2. beplus Bootstrap Mobile Free vs. All-Access
    3. What You’ll Get with beplus Bootstrap Mobile All-Access
  2. Speedrun

    1. Overview
    2. Prerequisites: AWS, beplus Provisioning and beplus CLI
    3. Starting Fresh vs. Migrating an Existing Project
    4. Renaming the App and Removing "beplus"
    5. Getting the beplus Bootstrap Mobile Source Code
    6. Running the App Locally
    7. Provisioning the App with a Single beplus CLI Command
    8. Creating the Apps in App Stores
    9. Managing Code Signing
    10. Mobile CI/CD: Bitrise, Codemagic and GitHub Actions
    11. Next Steps
  3. Next Steps

    1. Creating beplus Bootstrap Mobile from Scratch: Step by Step
    2. Breakdown of Mobile Apps Code Signing: Certificates, Provisioning Profiles, Keystores
    3. Automated Testing of React Native Apps: Jest and Appium
    4. Mobile CI/CD in Detail: Bitrise, Codemagic and GitHub Actions
    5. Features: Authentication, Geolocation, Push Notifications, iOS Live Activities and more…
    6. More About beplus Tools: beplus Provisioning, beplus Configration, beplus CLI


Hours of step-by-step video content to sharpen your skills

Learn how to build and deploy in minutes. Go from nothing to production or use with an existing app.

  1. Getting Started

    Get familiar with beplus Bootstrap, the beplus Build Ecosystem and this Training.

  2. SpeedrunIn Progress

    Run through the process of deploying a new beplus Bootstrap app in under 15 minutes.


    Next StepsComing Soon

    Explore all this Training has to offer and choose the path based on your goals.


    beplus ToolsComing Soon

    Leverage the full power of beplus Tools to boost your productivity.


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster

The essential beplus Tools that will help you streamline your workflows and boost the productivity.

  1. beplus Provisioning

    Provision your app and let your Mobile CI/CD pipeline be created and managed automatically.

  2. beplus Configuration

    Easily and securely configure your app with the right settings for each environment.

  3. beplus CLI

    Streamline your workflow with the beplus CLI, a command-line tool for beplus Build Ecosystem.

Get beplus Bootstrap Mobile

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Pick your Training package

“beplus Bootstrap Mobile: The Training” is free until finalized.

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  • Full access to Screencasts
  • Lifetime updates
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My stuff has helped hundreds of amazing people

“Having integrated the beplus Bootstrap Mobile into our development workflow, it's been a game-changer. It takes deployment to a whole new level. My focus shifted from the nitty-gritty of delivery to truly innovating on features for my users. The efficiency and clarity are unparalleled.”

Minhaz M.
Minhaz M.

“Excellent, now I know how to publish my mobile apps to the iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore.”

Dorian M.
Dorian M.

“Excellent! Gets right to the point on how to automate the deployment process for React Native iOS and Android Releases. Using Fastlane & Bitrise, you can setup a robust automated process transforming your code into deployed apps.”

Mark K.
Mark K.

“Extremely good guide. Thank you so much.”

Anh Tuan N.
Anh Tuan N.

“Simple, precise and easy to understand.”

Nicholas O.
Nicholas O.

“It saved a lot of my time.”

Roman F.
Roman F.

“The material is presented in a way that made it straightforward to grasp. Applying to real-world projects felt seamless and intuitive.”

Cesar Fernando S.
Cesar Fernando S.


Igor Lamos Hey there, I’m the author behind ‘beplus Bootstrap’.

I'm a solutions architect with over 17 years of experience, passionate about software development, mobile included. My career took a significant turn when I realized the complexities of mobile app release processes, leading me to specialize in automation and teach an online course about it back in 2017. Helping numerous startups with mobile automation expanded further into Cloud Architecture and Full-Stack development, fueling my mission to streamline all aspects of software creation.

Founding beplus was a natural progression, reflecting my vision to make software development more efficient and enjoyable. beplus Bootstrap and beplus.cloud are just the first steps in this ongoing journey, showcasing my commitment to revolutionizing the software development landscape for creators.

And all of it is just about to unfold.

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